Naruto's Two Sons WILL Become ALIEN OTSUTSUKI! Kashin Koji is a Jiraiya Clone - Boruto Chapter 44

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    Boruto Chapter 44 manga review, analysis, and theory discussing Kashin Koji possibly being linked to Jiraiya from Naruto. We also talk about Boruto’s Pure eye and Karma seal and how he will take over by Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Naruto & Sasuke have a huge problem to deal with JIGEN since they lost against him in battle. The kara organisation is split up as Amado has betrayed Jigen to side with Naruto the hokage for protection. We discuss the theory of Kashin Koji vs Jigen and why he did it.
    Also, Kawaki needs a new arm since he is in pain after Naruto’s temporary arm doesn’t function properly due to his nanomachines as Katasuke mentioned. Sasuke has figured out what Boruto’s karma is trying to do but will have to let naruto and the others know.
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    Yo guys I read a theory and it caught my eye which made sense it went like this. Kk is gonna defeat jigen before he finishes “recharging” and amado is going to the leaf to kill kawaki so that jigen doesn’t go on through kawaki thus ishikki being defeated and reason why amado went to the village.

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    Does anyone think it’s possible for Sasuke to have another child? Like is that even a possibility at this point..

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    here to remind u that kurenai tried to
    use a genjutsu on itachi uchiha

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    Boruto: *brother u got that*
    Kawaki:get the fuck out of my face as u can see I am relaxing my arm hurts like hell cuz I had to use karma and your still standing here which makes it worse

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    Balls deep
    Jiraiya can't perfect safe mode when he uses safe mode he gets bumps on his face so if he doesn't get bumps on his face that (might)not be jiraiya

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    8:06 so u are basically saying that
    Jiraiya got revived and still knows his ninjustu
    Got revived by technology in his cells
    So his mind could have technically been erased

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    I know that this has no relevance too the video but I was wondering this for a good while now and how comes Sarada barely knew lady Tsunade she didn’t even recognize her voice Boruto shares a memory of her with Sarada but she looked so surprised like she didn’t know her distictive traits all she knew about her was that she was the fifth Hokage ummm isn’t that Sakura master she trained her for years and her daughter didn’t even know her but it’s just a theory from ep: 72 of Boruto Mitsuki’s will it may seem dumb but think about it Sakura would most likely be dead right now or one of the other members of team several or others from the konah 11 or the Shinobi world if it wasn’t for lady Tsunade and her training maybe lady Tsunade was there at the birth of Sarada and she doesn’t remember she was gone for a while Naruto was surprised to see her but how did Boruto remember that she “used to scold him when he was younger” as we know both Naruto and Boruto were troublesome Kids so maybe it was recent and it was maybe a year or two ago and Boruto was nervous and said it was when he was younger but still how does he remember and remember enough to be traumatized but again it’s just a little dumb theory

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    Can’t Naruto or Konohamaru easily figure out who Koji is? I’m asking because Koji has made a contract with toads to be able to summon them. Most of the toads know each other and live on mount myoboku. Naruto could just ask who he is there since they’ve made a contracted with him

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    Honestly when I saw that boruto had the byakugan and not the jougan, I thought he would only ahve that byakugan in the momoshiki form and the jougan when he is boruto

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    perhaps the pure eye jogan will come in later i can see toneri helping boruto manifest it as i believe it will be able to suppress the kama seal from taking over his body

    MACHO NACHO 4 วันที่ผ่านมา

    The beginning of the chapter did not makke sense!

  • Highland Inc.
    Highland Inc. 4 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Amado is the new Black Zetsu. Creating the ultimate ninjas to summon his masters by having Boruto and Kawaki train by the strongest 2 shinobi in the world. I would be surprised if this weren't the case.

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    this year or next year?

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    silly sarada thats a pure eye lol, I think if Mitsuki saw his eye he would've known sense he has seen boruto's eyes more than one time in the beginning of the anime during the nue ark and during urishiki ark

  • Josh Ferguson
    Josh Ferguson 4 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I think Kashin Koji is a cybernetic version of jiraiya. What if the Dr. witnessed his defeat, recovered the body (which is why kabuto couldn’t find it), and revived him using technology and programmed him a certain way?

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  • Ak47 C
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    Is it just me or boruto looks like more of an antagonist like really he has a curse mark a ominous black eye ( randomly added eye) naruto was just a kid in orange while boruto is more of evil saskue then an actual hero and they try to make him like naruto

    • Ak47 C
      Ak47 C 2 วันที่ผ่านมา

      ViniFer Go ye of course if you act like a villain then you will be interesting boruto wants to kill

    • ViniFer Go
      ViniFer Go 2 วันที่ผ่านมา

      He's more interesting btw

  • DigiplayW8
    DigiplayW8 4 วันที่ผ่านมา

    isn't kawaki's right arm the one that's gone? the future preview we only really see his left hand....or am i missing something?

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    Can someone be a good person and tell me what is this anime’s name 0:14

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