• One Piece Stampede Movie is OUT and allots of information was revealed, and the Manga has recently confirmed few things like the Name of the Final Island In One Piece, Laugh Tale /Raftel.
    In this video, we cover Oden Kozuki's Journey to the final Island Laugh Tale, and how Oden joined Edward Newgate's Whitebeard Pirate Crew, and met his wife Toki and had two kids during this journey. Later after Whitebeard fought Gol D Roger, Oden was requested to help Roger on his last and final journey to find the final Island. This is part one of two parts, going over Oden's journey through Wano to becoming a renowned Pirate, even compared to legends like Red-Haired Shanks, Monkey D. Luffy, Zorro and many more.
    We cover One Piece chapter 959, One Piece chapter 960 to ONE PIECE Chapter 967: Roger's Adventures on (part 2)
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    One Piece content doesn't generally do well for us, so depending on you guys we will put out a Part 2 for this video and continue many new One Piece Series. Make sure this video gets over 4000 likes if you want that! for anime clothing
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    CURTIS RIFE 3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Speaking of One Piece's ending, I think I may have figured out when the series will FINALLY end. (*Though I have yet to watch the series, I did some research on the episodes, so far.*)
    The anime is currently in its 2nd half, The Final Sea: The New World Saga, which began with episode 598.
    So, after doing some math, I discovered that the 20+ year run of the (currently) 17th longest anime series may have about 276 episodes remaining, ending on its 1,194th episode (597 [end of 1st half] x 2 = 1,194; 1,194 - 918 = 276). If this becomes true, that would probably put it somewhere between the #13 and #14 spots, in the future.
    So, in conclusion, we've probably got a few more seasons. A good 1 to 5, at best.

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    Damnn.. So much Hype..
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