Jiraiya Finds Out Naruto is Hokage! Sasuke x Sakura & Who is Kashin Koji Theory - Boruto Explained

  • Boruto Episode 136 review and theory were we cover Jiraiya and Naruto memories being deleted by Sasuke’s Sharingan. Boruto went back to the village with time travel and everything has gone back to normal after Urashiki Otsutsuki is defeated by them. Jiraiya learned naruto became Hokage and he saved Sasuke from going to the dark side so in this video I explain even more analysis on the theory of Who is Kashin Koji in the kara organization owned by Jigen we see in the boruto manga.
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      They should’ve kept going with Naruto after shippuuden and show THE WHOLE WEDDING as OROCHIMARU giving the BEST GIFT 🎁 TO NARUTO after causing him so much trouble in the past and giving him a REANIMATION JUTSU OF HIS PARENTS AND JIRAIYA as he did it for sasuke when he wanted his answers from the previous HOKAGE plus having the OTSUTSUKI SHOE UP AFTER TGE WEDDING CEREMONY DURING THE PARTY AND SHOWING HOW OROCHIMARU WENT ON A QUEST TO SEARCH FOR JIRAIYAS BODY AND FINDING THE BACK TO THE PAST TURTLE ALONG SIDE HIS CORPSE BUT NEVER DECIPHERING ITS MEANING UNTIL BORUTO WAS BORN, following the chunin exams the otsutsuki returned after battling at the weeding and not being able to accomplish their goals when least expected and do as they did with that arc followed by the boy hood arc! Skip through all the nonesense and add the manga material right after, name it NARUTO: UZUMAKIS LEGEND and next generation. Making about both the old cast and new, beginning a new war in the galaxy with the unknown aliens, would’ve been a hit.

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    I think Kashin is a clone of Jiriaya

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    Same jutsu as Tobi (Obito) used on Naruto in Naruto: road to Ninja during the final battle Menma and Naruto were finished fighting Tobi took over Menmas body and erased Naruto's memories but Naruto managed to get his memories back, as he was on the ground his eyes were looking in the direction of that red moon scroll and it had the shape and spiral of the rasengan and it helped him jog his memories. So there you have it. My man Naruto got hit with the doujutsu 2 times lol

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      Naruto Shippuden OP 3 Blue Bird

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    Thoreticaly jirya couldve sent a clone off somewhere before he died. The clone can use sage mode to not disapate(posibly) and as a clone couldve found out about jigen and hes the same as jiriya so hed do anything to protect and stop jigen from destroying everything he cares about. As a clone he couldve developed his own personality over time as well

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    I’m assuming that ole pervy sage wrote down everything he learned while Sauce and Nardo Jr. were in the past in case Sasuke erased his memory. You know he would do some shit like that 😂

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    I feel you are right. It looks like this arc was used to tie up that loose end of Jiraiya not being around in the future as he could be playing more of an itachi role in Boruto. If Koji almost killed konahamaru it could be more like when itachi could have killed Kakashi and Kurenai but just happened to be stopped at the right moment to escape. It’s even down to the fact that they both said the same thing about naruto and sasuke when itachi said during the gara retrieval arc that time skip naruto was strong but still not strong enough and Kashin Koji said that six paths naruto and sasuke were still not strong enough to beat Jigen. It could be very possible that Jiraiya might have gone into hiding after the fight with Pain hence the real reason why Kabuto couldn’t use his body. I don’t know just a thought thank you for rekindling my love for this series and I hope your time off allows you to restore the strength needed to continue your journey. Creativity is a gift that also has to be cultivated and cared for like anything else. I look forward to your return.

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    Top most powerful clans:
    1. Otsutsuki
    2. Uchiha
    3. Senju
    4. Namikaze (including Naruto)
    5. Uzumaki

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    Kashin Koji is a girl from the sannin age group that had a crush on Jiraiya but was always to nervous around him but supposedly died in the second war and joined kara because she blames Tsunade for letting Jiraiya die and wants infinite tsukuyomi to be reunited with him

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    • ivan ivan
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    I really would want Kashin Koji to be a revived Jiraiya or a clone created just like Kawaki is related to the Juugen. Or one of his kids.

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    Hyuga clan is descended from Hamura Otsutsuki. The turtle was asking Boruto what to do, Boruto said to what it wants, and it asked if that was an order.

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    If there are any boruto fans here, make sure you check out the "Airspeedprime" youtube channel. He does excellent boruto manga chapter reviews and it would be great if he becomes someone big like nux taku, tekking101, anime uproar, and stuff like that. So please go see airspeedprime and watch his videos.

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    I'm not gonna defend Boruto the anime, but I will defend Boruto the character. He's the son of Naruto who growing up constantly made the same mistakes over and over again and had little respect for the Hokage for a long time as well. I think Boruto, who's grown up with a family and in a time of peace, has no idea what his dad could've gone through so all his whining and anger with his dad seems justifiable. So people who complain about that because we know what happened don't seem to understand that Boruto has little to no information about any of that. But other than that, I completely agree with everyone else's take on the show.

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    I feel like if Sadara was to know the truth she could her father and her uncle wondering if she will face the same fate

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    Since the real mom of sadara uchiha is Karin Uzamaki from the Uzamaki clan that that means Naruto Uzamaki and Saskue Uchiha are related, that means if boruto and sarada got together that would be very weird, also why couldent in naruto shippuden naruto reunite all the alive members of his clan??

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    Kashin Koji doesn't have Kakashi's mole, but then again he could just cover it with make up
    Nah he is not Kakashi
    Urashiki is just filler, that's why he has no partner and Boruto got nothing from beating him