Fugget About It - Best of Season 1 (Full Episode Compilation)

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    Check out the top 5 episodes of Fugget About It Season 1!
    00:00 - The Horny Bastard (102)
    Jimmy opens Regina’s first strip joint, but is shocked when his daughter starts working there as a stripper.
    20:14 - Hunts with Handguns (104)
    Jimmy and Cheech are forced to go to a cultural sensitivity seminar at an Indian reservation.
    40:41 - Sex on Ice (112)
    Cookie starts to think Jimmy is cheating on her when he’s actually pursuing a career as a masked ice-sculptor called “Jinksy.”
    01:01:13 - The Oracle of Vagina (105)
    Jimmy helps Cookie open a fortune-telling business, then has to make all her ‘predictions’ come true.
    01:21:12 - The Man with No Ass (108)
    After a failed attempt to smuggle Canadian candy into the States, Jimmy winds up in a rodeo competition against McCool.
    Fugget About It is a new animated comedy sitcom about the misadventures of Jimmy Falcone. Jimmy is a former New York mob boss, who goes from feared capo to friendly Canuck when he and his family enter the witness protection program in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. After Jimmy is asked by his associates in the Gambini crime family to whack his good old Uncle Cheech (who routinely spills mob secrets to any half naked woman he encounters), Jimmy goes to mob boss Don Gambini to plead his uncle’s case. When nothing comes of it, he politely throws Gambini out of a nineteen storey window. With all of New York out to get him, Jimmy has no choice but to turn to the Feds, who move the Falcones to Regina, change their name to MacDougal, and teach them how to live like regular schnooks in the Great White North.
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    Cookie was right Pluto is a planet

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    Call Willem, get Season #4 and stop teasing us !🧐

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    hahahaha...alcohol bringing people together....ahahahahHAHAHAH...should have been weed.

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    worst show ever, go to family guy guys LOL

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    WE NEED MORE!!! PLEASE BRING MORE!! This just came along on my youtube one morning and I've been watching it ever since, but there is no new content! Love to see more!

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    This Show is Hilarious!!! Hope there's a New Season Coming... Cheers to the Creator of this Show!!!

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    Me when I saw all the ads you placed on this video: fugget about it 🤣🤣🤣

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    He was wearing a condom

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    Cdd XX. Dxxxx

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      One of a kind show

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    After being in my recommended section for a month I finally clicked

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    So when’s season 4

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    I knew too many Italians on Long Island to find this funny. Too true-to-life to be funny.

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    🦄"Do a doobie and put on some Pink Floyd." 🌈🔺👈 Words to live by. 🌹🐱‍🏍🤺

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    I wished there were more advertising

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    Is it weird that o’shay is my high mascot
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    You come to me on this day. To ask me when will i upload a new season. On this day. The day of my daughters birthday. .........stop bustling my balls. Cappeeshhh.

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    21:11 *Iconic bih*

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    This show is 12 times better then Family Guy.

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      Black Dragons SO TRUE and a lot not child friendly

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    You cant arrest someone for speeding. *`sir this is canada im arresting you for hurting my feelings´*. As a canadian i can confirm

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    I am addicted to this ❤️

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    What is entertaining about this? Every character is so obnoxious.

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    Thanks for this!

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    I thought the husband and the wife met each other at strip club

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    Mom can I have 400 dollars 🙄🙏
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    Cheech hub

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    this show is just classic cheesy jokes. its just base line writing in everything.

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    Pls make more

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    21:12 wasn't a joke. One guy had to pay another guy $50k for calling him a guy because that guy wears a dress.

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    "Best of Season 1 (Full Episode Compilation)" So is it a best of or a full episode comp?

    • Mj Verostek
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      Best episode compilation.

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    Terisah had blue hair to brown.

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    Wait if he’s allergic to the vegetable why is it of his plate

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    Any Canadians here

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    Now the next one act retarded XD DANG MAN

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    “Swa swa swa.” “Ah! Your French is very good” 🤣🤣

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      Virgin Mary”All right girlfriend spill” ☺️

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    Bothers me she has blue/black hair then for the rest of the series she had brown/red. Idk why it irks me so much lol

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    Who else’s from Regina Saskatchewan??

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    I freaking love this show if it ever gets a movie please let it be like this art style it's great I never saw it on TV but on here I fell in love with this show it's my number 1 show of all time

  • James Carter
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    Fugget About was the first to publicly meme Keenu Reeves

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    You mean BILLIE EILISH

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    Or should I put on some Pink Floyd and do a doobie. 😂😂😂

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    Keanu Reeves was vastly underrated

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    This show is gold

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    36:08 “horse attempts parallel parking “😭😭

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    Crazy not bad funny

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    Sometimes I fall asleep with my phone on and this is what auto plays. Can anyone explain what tf this is.

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      It's family guy but funnier

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    That was paedophilia at the end.

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    The amount of ads on this video gave me cancer. I'll be forwarding my medical bills.

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    That prison is breathtaking

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    Madam scamya perfect name