Preview of Anthony Bourdain's new episode - Kenya with Kamau Bell

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 20 ก.ย. 2018
  • The Peabody and Emmy® Award winning CNN Original Series Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown will premiere its final episodes beginning on Sunday, September 23, with a tour of Kenya, featuring W. Kamau Bell in an extended episode.
    Dive into Bourdain's world:
    Following are the locations and episode descriptions for the new season:
    Kenya (season 12 premiere: September 23 - special extended episode 9pm-10:15pm ET) Bourdain introduces his fellow CNN Original Series host W. Kamau Bell (United Shades of America) to the distinctive sights, tastes, and sounds of Kenya. It is Bell’s first trip to the African continent, and to a country that holds a personal connection for him. In Nairobi, they talk to locals about the country’s growth and economic challenges, as well as the continual fight for identity and self-definition of Kenyans. Bourdain and Bell also take a Matatu party bus ride, share a meal of goat’s head soup and visit a boxing academy devoted to teaching young women, and promoting female empowerment. Leaving Nairobi the pair travel to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and visit with a Maasai community actively engaged in conservation. Through the eyes of Bourdain and Bell, and their first experiences with this highly dynamic deeply, soulful and beautiful country we ask, what will a future Kenya… for Kenyans…. by Kenyans…look like?
    Asturias, Spain (September 30) Bourdain travels to the enchanted region of Asturias, Spain with chef and humanitarian Jose Andres, as he makes a return to his homeland. The people of Asturias embody the rugged environment of the region with a hard working ‘do it yourself’ spirit. Bourdain and Andres hike to a remote village in the mountains for traditional fabada, ocean cliffs for gooseneck barnacles, and secret cheese caves in undisclosed locations. Bourdain also enjoys pitu de caleya with local musician Pablo Und Destruktion while he’s served on the last worker’s class movement. And in true Jose Andres form, he saves a special surprise for the end.
    Indonesia (October 7 ) A shadow puppet performance provides an entry into understanding Indonesia, a country comprised of thousands of islands whose people endured political turmoil, and one in which, Bourdain discovers, food is the great unifier. In this fourth largest country in the world, every area has it’s own unique traditions. In Jakarta, Bourdain eats at a Padang Restaurant where nearly every menu item comes to the table; while in Bali he visits the beach, commenting on yoga before joining in a traditional Balinese Funeral ceremony.
    Bourdain’s Impact (October 14) This episode explores how Anthony Bourdain’s unique perspective and voice altered the world of food, travel and culture and in the process reinvented how audiences watched television and engaged intimately and actively with the world around them.
    Far West Texas (October 21) Bourdain travels to the untamed land of Big Bend, Texas near the Mexican border; an area that pits man against nature and in which the land usually wins. Bourdain shares meals with working cowboys who have made peace with the rough terrain, and meets with an anthropologist who decoded prehistoric landmark, the White Shaman wall painting.
    Behind the Scenes (October 28) Bourdain’s relationship with his crew, the team that traveled with him and slogged through the trenches, was like no other in his life. In this episode the people who made Parts Unknown select moments from their episodes and pull back the curtain, to talk about collaboration, creative freedom, moments when Bourdain had their back or called them out, the times when he was caught off guard or forgot the cameras were even there.
    Lower East Side (November 11 special extended episode 9pm-10:15pm ET) Bourdain takes a personal journey through this formerly bohemian New York City neighborhood, as he meets, shares meals and reflects with music, film and art trailblazers including Richard Hell, Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, Lydia Lunch, Fab 5 Freddy, Danny Fields, Amos Poe, Jim Jarmusch, Kembra Pfahler, John Lurie, Clayton Patterson and Harley Flanagan, whose collective cultural impact in the 1970’s and ’80’s has sustained through the decades.

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  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali วันที่ผ่านมา

    How is he making new episodes 😳

  • Caitie Regan
    Caitie Regan วันที่ผ่านมา

    Miss you tony, thanks for your beautiful take on peoples of the world.

  • Deric Prevost
    Deric Prevost 3 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Anthony Bourdain you over the last 10 years and have become a huge influence. I love what you do and respect what you do. But I hope you read this I am a 32 year-old father of a five-year-old daughter. I have had trouble in the past with pain pills and alcohol due to a break up with my fiance mother of my child 2 years ago I have spiralled out of control I have been hooked on crack cocaine and pain pills and alcohol to deal with the loss note that I raised her three other children bought a home that was repossessed ruin my credit , Bought vehicles four wheelers toys and numerous things and put her through college where she is successful which I thank god for our daughter. The possessions means nothing. but now all I have is my daughter and she means the world to me! and looks up to me like a superhero. i cope with it with the drugs I mentioned earlier and I've seen what you hav overcome of heroin addiction and is there any advice you can give me because my five year old daughter is more important than anything to me even though drugs come first if you know what I mean thank you Anthony Bourdain for your encouragement I hope you reach out to me my email is phone is 14094998247. Text is ok

  • Elliot Chung
    Elliot Chung 3 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I wish he was here.

    NOW REC 3 วันที่ผ่านมา

    this guy sounds like a black seth rogan

  • bimboyren
    bimboyren 4 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Anthony Bourdain's and Kamau Bell are two of my favorites. R.I.P Anthony

  • BlessedGirl
    BlessedGirl 5 วันที่ผ่านมา


  • pyasang shyoungba
    pyasang shyoungba 6 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Rest In Peace Tony

  • Caffeinated Artist DA
    Caffeinated Artist DA 6 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Dude I miss you.

  • Adriana Godoy
    Adriana Godoy 6 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Why he would kill himsel he had it all. I will be hapoy to eat at only one restaurant, he got all those dinners with those views!

  • iyot1020
    iyot1020 7 วันที่ผ่านมา

    He probably choose death instead of his name being dragged in mud when he paid his bitch cunt gf fuck boi 300grand hush money fuck asia argento fucking cunt you rotten fucking cunt

  • czemille
    czemille 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

    i never had an interest in any cooking show before i saw my first anthony bourdain show! it became a must to see every episode after that! he introduced a culture thru food but with so much heart and care and thoughts for who he was with and where he was. anthony, you are missed, so much but i hope that now you're at peace! ♥️

  • Monic Hernandez
    Monic Hernandez 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I watched this yesterday on demand,it was bittersweet and i cried because he's gone,hes gone.

  • Andrea Sterling
    Andrea Sterling 9 วันที่ผ่านมา


  • Edsy Yabut
    Edsy Yabut 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Why Anthony? Why! 😢

  • gmkalos
    gmkalos 10 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

    You guys are such shitheads capitalizing on this poor mans death after he gave you almost everything. This series should have ended with him not with lining your pockets FUCK YOU CNN SCUMBAGS!!!

  • Jackie Day
    Jackie Day 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Thank you CNN for still showing these episodes! Tony changed so many of our lives through his shows

  • Beth Griesauer
    Beth Griesauer 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the final episodes yet. This trailer was almost too painful. Goddammit, Anthony, you've broken millions of hearts!😢

  • Mind Fall
    Mind Fall 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    cnn employee paid to cover up child rape but that is not a story #notmetoo

  • Loose Connection
    Loose Connection 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    The man didn’t want to play anymore, hung his self
    Take shit off tv

  • Callum Murray
    Callum Murray 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    choose life ❤

  • PlasticPony 750
    PlasticPony 750 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    We miss you Anthony!!! 😭😭😭

  • Felicity Hage
    Felicity Hage 12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Have loved his insights and style. Missin* his CNN food reports, comments regarding food and living history. All very real.

  • eneseus M4
    eneseus M4 12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    This episode seems a bit way too much to take in, if I did tv shows like this I'd want it more calm you know relaxing

  • Annie Soucek
    Annie Soucek 12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    What I like about Anthony Bourdain is his greatest understanding and acceptance of every walks of life and life situations of people around the world. He has a human instinct with no border. I will forever missed him.

  • Harry Balszak
    Harry Balszak 12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Bourdain was a creep. Paying off raped child victims of his girlfriend. Shouldn’t be celebrating the goof. The details will come out in court

    • MsMaria6363
      MsMaria6363 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

      I Can't Beliven His Gone! I Miss Hem!

  • Pablo
    Pablo 13 วันที่ผ่านมา

    The only honest ratings for CNN hah

  • Paok New York
    Paok New York 13 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I still can’t believe his gone !!! Travel safe U are missed !!!

  • alwill58 kief
    alwill58 kief 14 วันที่ผ่านมา

    How come everyone else that kills themselves is a coward, but this guy is some kind of cultural icon? BULLSHIT! Humans are fucked up species.

  • Ale Angels
    Ale Angels 14 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I miss him 😢💔

  • HKim0072
    HKim0072 14 วันที่ผ่านมา

    For all you conspiracy fuckheads making comments. Bourdain would hate that shit and was the complete opposite of your garbage. Piss off.

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 14 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Asia Argento was cheating on Anthony Bourdain with Hugo Clement days before his death, it was photographed and all over European newspapers. Anthony confronted her, they had a fight and Asia post a bullying picture on Instagram towards Anthony, hours later Anthony was dead. When Asia found out he was dead she removed her bullying post and proceeds to post how he was her rock and how much she loved him. The media won't call her out because she is huge in the #metoo movement and a huge feminist, she was photographed happy with Harvey Weinstein 4 years after the alleged rape occured. Her friend Rose Mcgowen was asked to help Asia not get shamed by the public, even though the media has left her alone. Rose wrote a letter recently and gave it to media outlets to state that Anthony and Asia had an open relationship, (this was not known to be true to anyone, no photos in 2 years with other partners, Asia also asked the paparazzi Rino Barillari to delete a pic of her and Hugo dancing ) they are trying to do public relation damage control about Asia being a slut and helping to kill Anthony with her bullying, with not one word of sympathy to the daughter of Anthony or the family. Anthony deleted Asia from social media before he died....Pass this on he deserves it.
    Asia Argento once made a movie where they dressed a 10 year old in drag and performed oral sex on Marilyn Mansion. Her dad made horror films simulating snuff films and had her star in them as a child, he also featured pedophilia. Asia Argenta's Instagram has many pictures of her worshiping the occult. It is said that she thinks she is a red witch (whatever the fuck that is) Her young daughter has the same images on her profile as well. Her best friend Rose Mcgowen that helps her try to champion the Metoo movement has a felony cocaine charge pending. Rose Mcgowen attacked Anthony Bourdain after his death stating Asia was strong enough to live for her daughter, Anthony wasn't.

  • 4125tech
    4125tech 15 วันที่ผ่านมา

    What's more important than food? Political propaganda. Let's show that first and THEN some food.

  • Erick Monroy
    Erick Monroy 15 วันที่ผ่านมา

    That mofo dead and this guys still making money off of the nigga

  • Jazzmine Phoenix
    Jazzmine Phoenix 15 วันที่ผ่านมา

    i love him and ....i'm still sad.

  • Kim Dalessandro
    Kim Dalessandro 15 วันที่ผ่านมา +2

    He looked much older than he actually was. I didn't notice how depressed he looked until after he was gone.

    • Donna Peroche
      Donna Peroche 4 วันที่ผ่านมา

      people like you depress me, you are so stupid

  • J B
    J B 16 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

    He was a coward for ending his life. He had a little girl who needed him.

    • LovelyLilDevilWings
      LovelyLilDevilWings วันที่ผ่านมา

      +Mr. Peter Pettigrew do you have any proof??

    • Mr. Peter Pettigrew
      Mr. Peter Pettigrew 14 วันที่ผ่านมา

      He was murdered. Stupid sheep

  • Ximena Avila
    Ximena Avila 16 วันที่ผ่านมา

    i miss him sm

  • SEAN
    SEAN 16 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Losers girlfriend was a rapist!

  • Nessa Yang
    Nessa Yang 16 วันที่ผ่านมา

    RIP. I loved him so much!!! I still can't believe it! He wouldn't kill himself like that.

  • Joseph Rosel
    Joseph Rosel 16 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Somebody should pick-up from where he fell, though he is a different storyteller but I think that his legacy must be continued in remembrance of his achievement.

  • MCR 9
    MCR 9 16 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I miss him🌏🌎🌍RIP

  • Hellzyead
    Hellzyead 17 วันที่ผ่านมา

    get ready to watch my new series on the My Balls, Your Chin Network where I eat beans ... it's called "Farts Unknown"

  • rammmin1
    rammmin1 17 วันที่ผ่านมา

    i stopped watching tv since 2004 , it was Anthony bourdain brought me back again watching his show and it was unfortunate ,didn't last long. RIP Anthony ,I hope you are in better place now.

  • Ketchupboyz Sorot.T
    Ketchupboyz Sorot.T 17 วันที่ผ่านมา +2


  • Subbura 1988
    Subbura 1988 17 วันที่ผ่านมา +1


  • Krys Kim
    Krys Kim 17 วันที่ผ่านมา

    This is the first video I’ve watched of him since he passed and I really can’t even finish it...

  • Andrew Swan
    Andrew Swan 18 วันที่ผ่านมา

    "When you have caught the rhythm of Africa, you find that it is the same in all her music." I deeply miss Kenya, South Africa and Uganda everyday. If anyone who reads this has even thought for a moment they fancy a trip to Africa, go and visit, people of warmth and soul and joy that are more than welcome to have you, this new season will be a hard watch, thanks for all the memories and insights Mr. Bourdain, Fois dhut. Saor Alba.

  • lx10
    lx10 18 วันที่ผ่านมา +6

    Thank you Argento for driving this men to suicide. What goes around comes around, and your karma will be worst then you can imagine.

    • lx10
      lx10 วันที่ผ่านมา

      +Rocco Hughes - In the same place among her accusation against Harvey. But I see you support a pedophile that had sex with a minor.

    • Rocco Hughes
      Rocco Hughes 6 วันที่ผ่านมา

      Where is the proof of what you're saying?

    • Beth Griesauer
      Beth Griesauer 11 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

      She destroyed him.😡😡😡

  • Jennifer T. Lacey
    Jennifer T. Lacey 18 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Yo I cried watching this. I don't know where my ancestors are from but this made me feel longing to go to Africa!!!

  • Moebius Dune
    Moebius Dune 18 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I miss Anthony.Rest in peace.I still can't believe :(

  • amadojay
    amadojay 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    R.I.P my Brother. Missing you each day!

  • van castro
    van castro 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    😭😭😭😭i miss you,tony

  • ngogol
    ngogol 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Your station is repulsive. Lets monopoloze on Anthonys death....more ratings!!! Scumbags.

  • Janet F #AwanSpiesInCongress#Jets Over L.B.Ca.
    Janet F #AwanSpiesInCongress#Jets Over L.B.Ca. 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Edit: HIS words ok!

  • eyesthere
    eyesthere 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I don't see anyone that can replace him, not even a little bit.

  • Shayan S.t
    Shayan S.t 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    i`m not sue if i enjoy watching new episodes from him...i`m okay with watching his old episodes but not new ones...i cant watch it after his death...i`m watching it right now but i have a shitty feeling about doing it...

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    When oh when will Kamau test the strength of a shower curtain rod like the short order junkie.....?

  • ThatPurpleEvo
    ThatPurpleEvo 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Did anyone else notice the Black Evo ?? 0:21-0:22

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock 19 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

    Of course sucking that white sausage never ends

  • Larval Stage
    Larval Stage 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

    And then he hangs himself in the shower. Makes absolutely no sense.

  • sodapop1999
    sodapop1999 20 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Gone too soon

  • RoseAnn Benante
    RoseAnn Benante 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Anthony ,you broke my heart and the hearts of millions.RIP.

  • Carlo D
    Carlo D 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Here comes the feel train, I'll be your guide. Damn I miss Bourdain.

  • David L
    David L 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Will never be another one like him.

  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Let me get that Goat head, with some teriyaki sauce and Diet Coke to go please!

  • don't care
    don't care 21 วันที่ผ่านมา


  • A Tang
    A Tang 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Augustine of Hippo

  • Heavenly Beautifully Black
    Heavenly Beautifully Black 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Boy he didn't have to go out like that. I'm not sure what was eating him up so much inside that he felt suicide was the way. However, overall, his stories are impacting.

  • Phyllis
    Phyllis 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Thank you for sharing my country 🇰🇪 with the World. 😍😍
    Though you are no longer shall be remembered forever. Rest in Peace Tony🙏🙏

  • Angie Lieb
    Angie Lieb 22 วันที่ผ่านมา +3

    Why is only now we see how unhealthy he looked at the end?

    • Beth Griesauer
      Beth Griesauer 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

      I'd noticed he looked like he'd aged a decade months before he died. What was going on with him physically?

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I cried the day I heard the news. I'm still sad, the world truly lost a special one. AB see you in the next world buddy

  • T Dawg
    T Dawg 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    His toxic wife ruined him

  • Zippy The Clown
    Zippy The Clown 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Hard to watch. Miss you Tony.

  • Abdull Kilawi
    Abdull Kilawi 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Name of this story please

  • Isaac Looremeta
    Isaac Looremeta 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Just watched this episode and it tells the real Kenyan story. Very relevant to what happens in real life. This was incredible.

  • Mr. Drobot
    Mr. Drobot 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Why was his murder covered up by mainstream channels, especially the one that owned him???🤔

  • C.L.J. Jardell
    C.L.J. Jardell 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    will miss all the stories and history ANTHONY revealed in his travels ... HOPE THEY R REPEATED IN THE FUTURE AS SOME KIND OF REMEMBRANCE ../an anniversary thing . how far he went and brought us with him

  • Raw LawGirl
    Raw LawGirl 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    how i miss anthony. admittingly, he seemed tired, older, and less enthusiastic.

  • Betz chep
    Betz chep 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Rip Anthony. Thank you for showing the world who we are❤️

  • Cooper Coop
    Cooper Coop 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Legends never die

  • Matthew Negre
    Matthew Negre 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I thought he died?

  • kajcsapapa
    kajcsapapa 22 วันที่ผ่านมา +6

    he was the best in his category. RIP.

    AYALA 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    3rd World Shit

  • 5.0 FoxBody
    5.0 FoxBody 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Why’d they have to sacrifice you tony Jesus Christ is lord when are these satanist gonna realize

  • Miglaise Pierre
    Miglaise Pierre 22 วันที่ผ่านมา


    • augustine mwangi
      augustine mwangi 16 วันที่ผ่านมา

      RIP Anthony. Your voice lives. We thank God you visited our beautiful Country. Those who have not been here better be packing their bags. And that Kamau Man is our son

  • deakon jarvis
    deakon jarvis 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Bourdain was nothing more than a loser who got lucky!

    • Andrew Keith
      Andrew Keith 19 วันที่ผ่านมา

      deakon jarvis so it anyone who reaches success.

  • Miguel Alvarez Motta
    Miguel Alvarez Motta 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I can feel his depression in the way he is telling this story. So different than No Reservations. Still miss him

  • luvmirh8mi
    luvmirh8mi 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I miss Tony so much.

  • gaby sanchez
    gaby sanchez 22 วันที่ผ่านมา


  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I'm really going to miss you more Tony, after this

  • Lisa x
    Lisa x 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Mr. Bourdain's storytelling was absolutely steller, but the show itself is phenomenally done. The cinematography, production and scores are the best of the best. CNN please continue this show. Keep the name and have guest hosts. RIP Tony &✌to all

    • Donald Duck
      Donald Duck 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

      There will never be another host like AB, CNN hosts are all puppets scared to be themselves

  • Ceil Constante
    Ceil Constante 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    He brought joy to a lot of people and gave us a glimpse into the world's.of others. RIP Anthony, you're missed

  • Giovanna J
    Giovanna J 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    They took our guy!!!!! The best to ever travel the world. Im tearing up. How can a man like this kill his self. I don’t believe it. Never will.

  • docalarm
    docalarm 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Still angry and very sad that Tony is gone. I wish I can do something for him but I understand it is easy to say that looking from the outside when we're dealing with mental disease.

  • Colin Sushiboy
    Colin Sushiboy 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    The food looks good. Wouldn't mind trying goats head meat lol.

  • Otto Mattak
    Otto Mattak 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I miss this man.

  • Carol Kimotho
    Carol Kimotho 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Loving the weka weka by P Unit intro 🇰🇪🇰🇪 otherwise proudly Kenyan 🇰🇪

  • Abram Hodgens
    Abram Hodgens 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Miss you Tony

  • henree simp
    henree simp 22 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I remember him saying i have been being attacked by Hillary's goons