Naruto & Sasuke's WORST Fear! Boruto Otsutsuki TRAGIC Prophecy & The HIDDEN Message Tento Explained

  • in this boruto episode 148 anime video which adapts boruto manga chapter 11 we see borutos karma prophecy from Momoshiki otsutsuki haunting him, he tells sasuke uchiha about it. this is what Naruto feared about world peace. I also explain the deeper philosophical message of Tento Meeting Boruto regarding the Naruto hokage card during the Mujina Bandit Arc. Sarada Uchiha has been toned down compared to the manga and Metal Lee was Deleted. Everything else was super like Mitsuki, however Naruto & Sasuke's worst fear regarding peace is coming true, the journey of Boruto's karma seal with Momoshiki Otsutsuki begins!
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      They used wireless Bluetooth in Shippuden in the mission to ambush the Akatsuki hideout.

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    Really appreciated the things you said at the end, this is why I'm subscribed to you.
    Both entertaining and enlightening ❤️

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    Someone needs to hand sarada some pants (leggings at the very least) and practical fighting shoes. I can't stand her outfit. She's 12, provide for your child and lay down some rules Sas-kura.
    Also, can we talk about how the daimyo wanted to cut defense expenses but had his like 8 year walking around town just buying businesses at whim. You should be able to afford funding BOTH defense AND education if you can afford to do that.

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    There should be another time travel arc. I mean have you seen the animation in the first? Spot on!

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    Would you do an episode on which arcs and episodes of boruto are important. I stopped watch at like 20. Maybe just go over the arcs that are important to the manga. There are a lot of episodes to watch and i’m just wonder what I could possible “skip”
    Kind of like Naruto Shippuuden. If I ever rewatch that I know where the filler is because it was so painful to wait until it was over when it was being released.

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    So Kawaki still didn't showed up in anime?😟
    I will check out again this franchise in December 2021 to see if Kawaki will show up. 😞

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    Boruto finally caught up probably because the creator finally stop his other anime "samurai" something, and now, finally working on Boruto. Looks like too many projects isn't good for anyone.

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    Now things are like bitch watt the buck is this so lets her your message

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    So the anime still sucks. Sounds like filler.

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    Two negative clauses i see in this video. 1: Konohamaru gettin slammed by critics they keep callin him trash wen really its da writers fault he hasnt played in major roles in tha manga. U would think being an understudy of Naruto he be an exceptional Shinobi by now. 2: Sarada dress code just confitms human trafficking and that everyday girls are being led into sex trafficking across tha globe. Now whether kishimoto and his team is promoting this is a Biggg ❔

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    On the income per capita graph why not say North America for the US and Canada instead of “western offshoots” that gave me a good laugh

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    Aye, just curious can kakashi use susann'o because some peeps said that you only need to awaken the mangekyo to use susann'o then you could use it without activating the mangekyo and you could do it without eye. Explain

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    My own theory is that Boruto jogan might prevent the kama from overtaking his body which might explain why toneri was so adamant on him having it maybe he foresaw him acquiring it in the future.

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      Serious plot twists incoming

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    Weird thought, but the more technology introduced to this world juxtaposed with the more archaic elements is making me feel more and more like some sort of FMA crossover could happen.

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    Geez first Naruto's closest friend gets a fucking curse mark and has some monster try to take over his body and now his own son.

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    Topic unrelated:
    but yo bro does kawaki have wood release ? Cause the more and more i read over the old chapters and kawaki’s first fight with that outer kara member, he pierced mans body like obito did when he was on rampage mode minus the hand seals which make sense because kawaki’s genetically modified.
    Thoughts ? Anyone feel free to answer, this has been bothering me for a minute, cause it would make sense how he would trap/kill naruto in the future if he gets a really OP wood technique that could seal the kyubi naruto wouldnt stand a chance against that + karma and jigen

    • Stop Trippin Its Chris
      Stop Trippin Its Chris 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

      Dhruv Singh he doesn’t necessarily need Hashirama cells i think, this is just my theory:
      if he is a vessel to an otsusuki remember that wood release came from the sage of six paths which came from otsusuki kaguya, isshiki could have the genetical code in his chakra that was put into kawaki by amado to have a wood release, or maybe bone manipulation? Or something i cant imagine how it would look like if its his skin in the anime 😭😂

    • Dhruv Singh
      Dhruv Singh 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @Stop Trippin Its Chris i think hard skin cuz isnt it hard to obtain hashirama cells after war

    • Stop Trippin Its Chris
      Stop Trippin Its Chris 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

      Dhruv Singh yeah but what does modified mean? So its just hardened skin that looks like wood?

    • Dhruv Singh
      Dhruv Singh 9 วันที่ผ่านมา

      But wasnt it mentioned in That chapter that his hand could be modified at will i forgot The exact terms but yah It was mentioned IMO

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    I would say yeah that should happen but it won't and we will have a happy ending because Boruto is a show targeted at ages 8 to idk 30?

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    got a materialism lesson in this ABD.

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    Love yo videos even tho im late

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    The thumbnail art for boruto looks 🔥 🔥 🔥 I hope his full transformation looks like that

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    Naruto and Sasuke should just end Boruto. :/

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    Mark my words

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    Gotta ask why does jigen use karma on both sides of his hands and is practically covered in it while so far boruto and kawaki have only karma power on one hand

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