Why Muzan Should Be Afraid of Tanjiro's Supposed 'Death' Explained

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    Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 190 finally begins to conclude the epic fight between Kibutsuji Muzan and the Demon Slayer Corps. Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Kanao have entered the battle and with their help Muzan's chances of winning decreased, and to add to it, The Demon Slaying Pillars has also all obtain the Red Nichirin Blades. But while this is all happening, Tanjiro is still in Death Doors learning the Secret to Defeat Muzan once and for all.
    The new gain knowledge of the See-through world and the 13th Dance of the Fire God Form has further increased the odds of Defeating Muzan. Does Muzan have a countermeasure? Will he Eat Nezuko and conquer the sun? We discuss all this in this review.
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    The cat is not dead, the cat is demon and tanjirou is not deamon cats give potion For the purpose of life and the hashiras.

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    Plot twist theory:
    Muzan dies but the other demons dont and one of them absorbs his power

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    Muzan has his guard down as the dance of the fire god is the only style he seems to genuinely fear as he went out of his way to make attempts at his life.Right now his guard is down so if tanjiro can recover and perhaps use the 13th form he may be able to kill muzan

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    Imagine if Tanjiro is dead permanently, and the story continues with Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke as the trio?

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    *Also, I am not disliked by people*

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    I remember in a video that anime balls deep mentioned Muzan has multiple hearts & Such. What if they are missing his hearts and brain which is part of the reasoning why, he still can heal after being cut with the red blade, they must cut all his hearts and brains. What yu think?

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    Another theory: if/when muzan eats nezuko to yaknow, be fully immortal against the sun- nezuko uses her blood art somehow? Like how Shinobu had poison in her body

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    How about a 4th theory in which I hope Muzan escapes and we get at least a fucking TIME SKIP. Or a 5th theory where Muzan does conquer the sun for a time after maybe eating Nezuko tragically but then dies by Tanjiro's vengeful hand. Then it turns out someone else more sinister than him appears (Could be that mysterious doctor who experimented on Muzan with the Blue-Spider Lily and was supposedly killed by him). Maybe he comes and kills the pillars. Most likely i would expect Gyomei, Obanai and/or Mitsuri to die. And we get a time skip where in this new timeline demons now run amok during the day and the demon Slayer Corps is at full-time slaying demons during the day and night and there is a new demon hierarchy akin to the Demon Moons (and some do comeback like Kaigaku). The 4 young slayers become Tsuguko/Pillars (Zenitsu under Tengen, Inosuke under Sanemi, Tanjiro under Giyu, but still uses sun breathing in a new way. Kanao becomes the new Flower Pillar.) Young new demon slayers like Senjuro, ect. start coming up in a new era. I know Tanjiro is supposed to be the main character but there are ways to make him relevant like vowing to guide and protect humans and new slayers after the loss of his dear sister. Anyways you get what I'm saying we need a FUCKING TIME SKIP!!!! PLEASE!!