If You Miss the Best Days to Pick Wild Herbs, You’ve Missed the Entire Spring |Liziqi Channel

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  • Liziqi Channel--Pick Wild Herbs
    Spring is an awkward time for vegetable gardens,
    because the entire space has been occupied for growing summer vegetables and seedlings.
    But this also gives me enough motivation to venture into the oh-so-tempting wild.
    Isn’t it pleasant cooking and enjoying a taste of nature, three meals a day?
    봄은 덧밭의 계절입니다.
    여름의 야채를 심었으며 재배해서
    산나물을 캐는 이유가 있습니다!
    하루 세 끼,
    이것도 좋습니다!
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    she is my teacher of cooking

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    So so so much so beautiful 😚

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    Is a simple and beautiful lifestyle🥰

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    It must be nice living in a place where you can get all things you need.

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    I have watched this video 10 times.

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    I love you. I’m from viêtnam

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    Tôi cô đơn quá ! Có ai team VIỆT NAM ko

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    I really love your videos which have English tittle and subtitles! You did a great job!

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    Liziqi how lucky you are leaving in this heaven.. Keep up the good job.. I'm stress from work but everytime I have that stress I watch your video over and over again and the music the environment just calm me so much...

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    Megusta como preparas tus alimentos

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    You wake me up. I really dream about your place for a long long long time ago, when i was a kid (34 yo, now). Is it still right there? Will i come to your place? 💖

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      MIrdayani Pauweni
      You could travel to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, or Bipenggou, which are beautiful tourist attractions close to where she lives

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    I have been watching your videos and gave me motivation to do the same here in local province of Philippines. Pls visit also my channel and Watch my videos here:

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    U so beautiful i love u

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    Kim çekiyor acaba.. acayip güzel açılardan çekiyor, kızın tek başına yapmadığı belli ya da en az 5 kamerası var sağa sola yerleştiriyor 😂

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    Simply amazing

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    Su to sub...🤗🤗🤗

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    What you see behind is the miracle of female power. Nothing else but that.
    Unfortunately there are special groups in mankind who suppress women and dont want accept this.

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    Chinese born artistic immortal traditional values.Dont leave these great wisdom

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    I love this channel. from japan

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    Hey channel ...you are superb ...plzz Put english translation with visible right font size ... alog with yours language too...

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    She never feeds those poor little puppies. At the end she even kicks the puppy off her leg.

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      She did feed puppies in other videos. This is NOT a petting channel.

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    I love your videos darl. I would love to have a beautiful garden like your grandma's. Lots of love From Sydney, Australia

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    我不知道你最喜歡和最喜歡哪些視頻,你激勵我能夠從陸地擁有自己的產品,能夠實現你所獲得的那些樂趣,不幸的是,自從我住在公寓後,我無能為力, 男朋友我設法做了一個迷你花園,但即便如此,我夢想能夠擁有一個巨大的,如我在你的視頻中看到的那樣,請繼續分享你的烹飪和手工技巧,你從自己身上學到很多東西......

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    I've just seen your channel, and I am fascinated by your life, the Nature is so beautiful. you are so amazing, I love you so much and I wish i coud be there. I'm from Morroco.

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